Trending Video: Adebayo Adekoya a.k.a Bayosings drops second song titled ‘Thank You’

Adebayo Adekoya, a.k.a Bayosings

Just a few months back we interviewed Bayosings…

Adebayo Adekoya  a praise and worship leader in Daystar Christian Center. He is known for his debut single titled ‘Maa Serere’ which means ‘I will Flourish’.

Adebayo who is also known as Bayosings has once again dropped another single titled ‘Thank You’. Coincidentally, today is his birthday. He chose to release the song on his birthday to give God thanks for his goodness in His life.

You can download the song via this link

This is also the beginning of greater things for with this being our first video.

P.S: If you want to download this video, just replace ‘www.’ with ‘ss’ on the video when on


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