YOU ARE A VICE by Tolulope Rhoda


Obedience, as it is written is better than sacrifice
To listen is better than the voice of rams at it’s might
You might have various device
That makes you think you’re wise
But keep it in mind
That no matter how you seems wise
You remain a vice
To some kind
Who though has two eyes
Can see a great sight
In the twinkle of an eye
Though they might not seems as might
Wisdom has given them might
To them give time
Don’t be too wise
In your own device
To take advice

Even though these ones too are a vice
To the only wise
Who takes no advice
To build the universe
And was not selfish in any wise
Even to his own device
That is you and I
He gave a mind
In different designs
And diverse kinds
That we might be wise

But that does not imply
That we’re equally wise
Some has little wisdom like mice
Some has it great like the sky
No matter how you think you can fly
Remember you’re a vice
To the one who can soar
And if you think you can soar
Remember you’re a vice
To the only wise


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