The Way Up (Episode 9) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 9) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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I arrived higher institution with two goals of which one is to hold on to my maker and the second is to focus on my Studies. I was able to make this goals based on a book I was privileged to pick up written by John C. Maxwell. The book was basically about “positive attitude”. I learnt from the book the benefit of having your goals listed out in a paper and looking at them steadily and continually so as not to sway away from them.
 Prior to that moment, I was privileged to pick a book on “Time” by Tunde Folarin. I can’t point out the exact title of the book as well as that of John C. Maxwell because I  did not hold on to the title mindfully but only the lessons I was able to get from the two Books that helped shaped me more towards goal setting. I bought more of the book by Tunde Folarin and shared with friends because I was so blessed by the contents in it.
I had to buy a notebook to jote down my goals and plans, as well note down the titles of the books I’ve read and not just hold on to what I’ve learnt from the book. I had a list of my goals and intentions in the University coupled with scriptural references to motivate me towards actualizing my set goals.
I could not settle for less after reading the two books, I was motivated to go on unto greatness. I remember meeting my coursemates and searching for someone among them all that really reflect my passion and desires. I was actually privileged to meet one.
My registration period ended with a blow on my face by my Advisor who labeled me a strange name.
join me in the next Episode as I Unveil to you “The way Up”.
(To be Continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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