The Way Up (Episode 8) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 8) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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 I arrived higher institution earlier than the date of resumption to complete my registration and submit necessary documents for filing. My  journey daily to school was from a distance of an Hour, I could not cope with it based on the fact that I need to spend more daily.
I found myself visiting a firm that provides the same and equal service like the company I work with formerly before I was admitted. I joined them easily based on the fact that I was Inclined with the use of the tools and gadgets they have at there disposal in that organization. I volunteered to assist the company because of the number of students coming to the company to get certain things done and made the company so crowded.
In order to make work faster and comfortable for the real workers of the company, I supported the company voluntarily and help register students in numbers. The manager observed and decided to support me with transport fare each time I show up to assist the company.
I had my transportation settled in an instant for rendering a service that I’ve developed Passion and interest in it. Saw that a problem is here that required immediate solution based on my experience with similar company.
I made it look so easy to write but in a clear expression this can be tagged “The Favour of God” explained as “Preparation meets Opportunity”.
I discovered that life Success in actual sense is a product of time. Every Opportunity grabbed is Preparation for another Opportunity. Faithfulness with little produces another.
The experience left me amazed at the lesson I’ve come to learn on how to rise from one level to another holding on to a good attitude.
I arrived higher institution with a goal, to hold on to two things which I will reveal later on. Join me in the next episode as I unveil “The Way Up”.
(To be Continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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