The Way Up (Episode 7) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 7) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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After my waec examinations, I had to sit down and think on what’s next for me to do. I can’t just sit down at home idle, I needed to keep my body, soul and spirit busy. I picked up the Holy Book in search for wisdom on what to do next. I kept devouring it daily until I found a job to do.
I met my boss in one of the most amazing way, he simply told me of his interest in me and shared with me how he dreamt about having me work with him. I discovered that where i am about to work had two former works who are more mature in stature and experience of life than I do. I wondered how I will survive doing the work all by myself.
I went through the process and signed up for the job I never applied for at an early age of 16. I was so happy with the Outcome of the job thus far, based on the benefits I get from having access to the internet and also receiving my monthly pay.
I was a Sales Manager of the company, I experienced a different kind of approach from my customers because of my attitude towards them, haven discovered that the previous worker of the company post a certain attitude at them that always made them unhappy with the service offered in the company.
My Dad had a goal set personally to ensure I make it to the higher institution at all cost. I got a scholarship of which I will be sponsored from diploma level upto higher institution that he rejected instantly and profusely. His goal to see that I make it to the higher institution left me applying for entrance examination into the same school for three years.
I was  applying non-stop while I watch my friends decide to settle for Second choice polytechnics. My constant application came with gradual lessons even as I experienced increase in my result each year I wrote the examination.
I learnt the power of having a mentor that will not allow you to settle for less but instead make you demand for more even as you press on towards greatness.
I made it through the Third time and I was ready for higher institution only to experience another aspect of the  Favour of God. join me in the next Episode as I Unveil to you “The Way Up”.
(To be Continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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