The Way Up (Episode 6) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 6) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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I arrived school on a Monday morning not knowing what will knowing what will befall me. We just ended our final examination two weeks ago and all students where out having fun with different sporting activity.

I sat down under the tree not remembering anything I wrote during the examination again, instead focused on what next of which is our result. My English teacher saw me under the tree and called me, she told me she use to observe me that I’m a gentle student in class that I ought not to be among them.
Well, I was shocked at that moment not understanding what she meant by I should not be among them. She took me to her office and showed me my result only for me to discover I was 4points below the actual percentage(50%) needed to qualify for the next class.
Right there after showing it to me, she corrected the scores and made it to be a little above the percentage and told me she did this because of my attitude. She observe the nature of attitude responses the students in my class usually reveal to her which depict that “Oga talk and leave our Class. We don’t want to Learn”.
I will say it is Favour coupled with the resolution I made within me, yet not I but the Favour of God. I was promoted to the next class and saw some of my classmates repeating the class. Although adjustments was made later on for them to be promoted to the next class and go through with the set they entered with.
I learnt the power and benefit of good attitude in the class. To be attentive in the class comes with great decision within before going to the class, distractions come in from different angles to curb ones focus on a goal to be achieved. I learnt  Concentration brings Understanding as well produces favour in the long run.
I did my waec examination in the next class and was set for the Tertiary institution after making my papers in the second sitting only to experience another uproar of behavior from my Dad which later become of great advantage.  Join me in the next episode as I unveil what happened.
(To be continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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