The Way Up (Episode 5 )- Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 5 )- Aniyikaye Joshua
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Commercial class was a Blessing in disguise as I happen to discover more about myself and what I really have interest in. It unveils more about what I should expect later on in life in terms of the business world and how things go in that arena of life.

I became more serious in secondary school ensuring that I meet all needed requirements ranging from going to school early to obeying the appointed prefects of the school. I fell in love with the subject called English and developed myself in it so as to communicate well when relating with my friends.

SS2 was an awesome time to buckle up and challenge each other in the class to do better. I discovered in SS2 that it’s possible to be a commercial student and be studying further mathematics. Most of those i make friends with in that level had this strong desire for Success that made me look so below per considering my desire for Success too.

I found myself relating with the Head Boy of the school and his assistant of which both of them became my close friends where the latter will always make me his errand boy to go and get things for him during the break time.
Well, I swiftly obey him simply because I don’t go to school with money and I need him to help me with little of whatever i go and get for him as commission. It shows the level of hardship i passed through then.

Be that as it may, I learnt at that level that when a goal is set, it must not be placed on average. It must be one that Surpasses the average level to which one currently believes he or she can reach. It needs to reflect Excellence.

The whole season ended with some of my classmates repeating class and others going through. A report was later given that those that repeated should be given a waver to go ahead and write there WAEC exam in SS3.

Before this whole waver of a thing occured, I had an encounter with my English Teacher of which I never new I was on my way to joining my classmates who were going to repeat the Class. Join me in the next Episiode as I Unveil what happened.

(To be Continued.)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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