The Way Up(Episode 4) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up(Episode 4) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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I got home that day and explained to my Dad what Happened, he was very furious but did not beat me over it.

He followed me to school the next day and met with the principal of the school. He had a little chat with the principal and I saw my dad almost prostrating on the floor. I wondered what the discussion was all about because I know very well I deserve to be beaten or given suspension after what I did.

I found myself in the school the next day with all calm, exam is fast approaching and there is need to prepare. Yet I could not take my mind off what had just happened , I brought my dad to school only to see him almost prostrating before the principal. I discovered I needed to set my priorities right afterwards by moving away gradually from my Friends if I’m going to come out of the school hitch-free.

Just few days to exam, I lost a classmate who was thrown plank from 3rd floor of a classroom, the whole school was mourning after that Accident occur and it produced another outlook towards our examination.

The Principal began to pick on me, during the assembly he will use me as example in terms of Good dressing and it gave me a sense of Responsibility and confidence. I started picking on my Principal too by ensuring he sees me on behaving well so as not to be in trouble again.

The whole event taught me a big lesson that led to my picking of the kind of Friends to walk with which was another goal that was set on my way up.

I developed myself with computer skills after my JSS3 exams and it boost my Confidence on the use of Computer for examination.

I made it to the Senior school only to be confused as to where to move to in terms of department, I met cool and exciting teachers in SS1 who happen to help me develop my english by their manner of Teaching while speaking english.

It was a great move, I found myself in commercial Department only to pick wrong subject combinations.

(To be Continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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