The Way Up (Episode 3)- Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 3)- Aniyikaye Joshua
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I had a lot of Horrific events In JSS3, Simply because of many my classmates where either Fighting to Proof a Point to each other or scattering the whole classroom just for fun. I can say I was the smallest in class in terms of age and size, that alone made me always run away from people’s trouble.

At JSS3, I was able to discover my inherent abilities and capabilities. I met friends who opened me up to discover certain traits. I discover that I love to draw, I love sports and songs but one of these discoveries almost Send me packing from school.

We were just two weeks to our JSCE and I had prepared for the exam by reading my books, I decided to use just a day to play football with my friends in the classroom after avoiding them for a long time. In the process of doing that my Principal entered, he was an Old man with Awesome grey hair and a recommended glass through which he sees all students.

His Office was just beside my classroom, I was totally out of my mind not knowing what to do at that point. Simply bowed my head as he called me and my friends to his Office. He asked us to bring our parents the next week because it was on a Friday, I had to think it through with tears as I stepped out of his Office.

Is that how I will leave this school after these years? Is that how I will have to repeat class even when I’m on the verge of moving to the Senior Class?, This and many more thoughts ran through at that tender age. Don’t worry, you’ll Discover what age I was then soon.

The actual thoughts where all negative, simply because I knew what I did was wrong and it comes with consequences. It is a call that Our actions whether good or bad, right or Wrong comes with deserving responses regardless of who led us to take such actions.

I got home that day and explained to my dad what happened. wait to see The Response of my dad In The next episode of THE WAY UP.

(To be Continued)


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Joshua Aniyikaye

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