The Way Up (Episode 2) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 2) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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From my last statement In the previous episode, I said something strange happened. Yes.

You will imagine,what is that strange thing that happened? Well I said it is Strange because I found myself before a Strange Personality. Permit me to Slowly Unveil the whole story.

Great News, i was promoted to JSS2 and Bad news my dad had reduced my feeding money, what a shocker.
My trekking skills had to improve thanks to the rail track leading to my school. I became a rookie on the rail track.

I arrived school in a joyful mood.. “mo ti lo next level” in my mother tongue.
I could not wait to meet my school pals, we greeted each other and prepared for class.

The following conversation started during Intro Tech Class.
Teacher: Hello student
Class: Hello uncle
Teacher: My name is Mr Delebo.
Class: We are happy to see you sir.

Then the class began with an introduction to Technology. While in class the following week, We had almost reached the hour mark for the class to come to an end Suddenly the Teacher started a Conversation with the class.

Teacher: I want you all to bring 200Naira for Plank.
Class: (“Grumbled”)
Teacher: If you are the one that grumbled come out.. if you know you are among those that grumbled just now come out
Backsitters: it’s not us Oo
Front-sitters: Not us Oo
Everyone: not me Oo
Teacher: Oya Everybody put your head on the table..(The teacher gave every student two strokes of cain each).

The classroom was one that has only a single door. If not,I would have experienced the flying out of students here and there has I noticed In other classes that have two doors

This was the Genesis of my beating in that school and by that teacher, i had to struggle within my mind on ways and means to bypass something like that next time and that marked the beginning of my Goal-setting.
Well, the whole class paid the price for the offence of the Few that faithful day.

When we face a challenge, we often look for ways to come out of it even if it’s a general Challenge that affects others around us. In coming out of it, we distinguish out self from the other on the strength of the approach we take towards getting out of it.

My breakthrough came when we got to JSS3 where I had another strange Experience which left me Helpless before The Principal of the school and also Produced Favour. Join me on Sunday for the next episode on THE WAY UP

(To be Continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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