The Way Up (Episode 10) – Aniyikaye Joshua

The Way Up (Episode 10) – Aniyikaye Joshua
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I met my advisor for the first time with a smile on my face and a desire to get equal response from her but she stunned me by her first word. She said “Ole ni e” in Yoruba of which the translation point that she called me a thief. I definitely never understood what she was talking about until she said she saw multiple files and copies I did and the speed at which I did them without reaching her for consultation.
Well, I know I was wrong there but as a first year student i needed to shrug off the word in a jiffy and Understand that I was wrong even though the word never seem to portray who I really am. I never defended myself, instead I apologized by saying sorry for what happened.
I left her office to get ready for lectures, my first lecture was nothing to write home about as the whole seat in the lecture hall was occupied to the extent that I need to stand in the hall, What a wonderful way to say welcome to the university.
Now I need to rearrange my goals to the smallest bit and precisely ensure followership so as to come out with good grades, I decided to rearrange my  goals as regard my movement from home to school and within the school compound and lecture halls.
Attitude towards Success comes with a price, it will wrong many and insult others private and polite wishes yet it is the actual secret that draws people’s attention to you later on.
My first semester examination in school drew near and a sudden incident that ought to take away my focus happened.
Join me in the next episode as I Unveil to you “The Way Up”
(To be continued)

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Joshua Aniyikaye

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