The Creative You!!!

The Creative You!!!
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Life is too short to play small with your talents, get Creative!!!

Creativity is not limited to the geniuses, the brilliant and the most intelligent. You can be creative in any endeavour you choose to involve yourself in. Creativity is all about spicing things up, to make your project and business very interesting. It is about adding that unique ingredient to your already made sauce, opening up the taste buds to a beautiful dish.
Lol, I like food so much, especially a meal where the cook has decided to make my taste buds come alive. I can’t help describing creativity using food terms, because cooking is one avenue to be very creative. You know a great chef has been very creative when the food has a very unique and delicious taste, and when it’s not just bland or has the usual taste.

What is Creativity?
Creativity is all about doing something out of the ordinary, carrying out the usual in a unique way. Creating something beautiful using a different perspective, that every person can’t help but be amazed at what you’ve done. It’s all about coming up with an idea that is outside the box, away from what’s common.

The concept of Creativity thrives in dreams and imagination. And dreamers rule the world. Yeah, great dreams give rise to great ideas. The quality of ideas that flow through your mind determines the quality and beauty of life.

Success thrives in hard work, determination and a good measure of creativity. The creative mind is the most sought after because it adds an interesting flavour to the bore around us.

What makes an organisation operate at maximum efficiency and bring them to the spotlight is the level of their creativity and innovation. Putting a measure of creativity to your work, business, and enterprise opens you to more customers and consumers of your product. This is because presenting new insight, ideas and solutions to existing problems go a long way in improving your business.

For SMEs, getting customers for your product, is no easy task, as a result of the high level of competition in this sector. In order to stay in business, grow your business and secure more clientele for your business, you need to develop a creative mindset and have a team come up with great ideas that will help push your business forward.

It should be noted that Creativity helps define and distinguish your business among your competition.

Five (5) Tips to help build your Creative Mindset.
1. Think: Success is at the mercy of positive and productive thinking. When you think positively, it has the capacity to initiate you into a domain of great ideas, that would help grow your creative mind.
2. Knowledge: Read good books, articles and listen to podcasts that would help grow your mind.

3. Cool and Calm atmosphere: Listen to cool music, try meditation, take some time off with yourself. Take a stroll, and do stuff you enjoy doing.

4. Redefine the problem completely. Look at the problem you intend to solve from different angles and perspectives.

5. Experience as much as you can: Exposure helps to put great ideas into your subconscious. Actively seek out a new adventure, new skills to broaden your mind.

Your ability to perceive the world in new ways, find hidden patterns, make the connection between seemingly unrelated phenomena and to generate solutions, is going to make you stand out amongst all others.
Therefore Get Creative today!!!

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Moyege Toye

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