How to take your personal brand to the next level

Your personal brand is all about you and how who you have communicated yourself to be. In order to move your personal brand to the next level, you need to understand what your audience thinks of your brand.

“Your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is” says  Marty Neumeier. This means that you don’t control your brand, your audience do. Your brand is an identity by itself and only your audience can best describe it.

There are several ways to take your brand to the next level. They are not limited to the following;

Be yourself:

This is the most important thing when taking your brand to the next level, it has been established that it’s your audience that controls the success of the brand.

Therefore, for your personal brand to be perceived well, it takes a lot of dedication, commitment and a trait of you that differentiate your brand from others in the face of your audience, whether it’s by being honest, creating compelling content or mastering the art of interacting with others, ensure you have something that makes you stand out from similar brands.

Build Good Contents:

Taking your brand to the next level involves growing and posting valuable contents. You can promote the contents via your social media page, your website or promotional web pages.

It is important to ensure that the contents of your brand is valuable and this means that your contents are not only true but add values to your audience and to your community. It must be something that your audience looks forward to reading.

Build relationships with communication 

A brand is a social construct  and it’s more about what they think than what you say, therefore,  socializing is an important skill in building your brand.

Hence, you have to actively engage with people in your online network. It is not just about pushing contents but also being interested in what your audience is up to, and offering the little you can in their works, be it likes, comments, criticisms, encouragement, etc.

You can also join groups that are similar to the interest of your brand, when you are in such groups, be yourself, be ready to learn and contribute because you care about the topic and the community not because you are trying to push your brand. When they understand who you are, it’s easier to understand your brand. The idea is to engage in the kind of relationship you are hoping others will have with you.

Share knowledge and Experience

People wants someone to direct them so they won’t make life threatening mistakes, they need someone who has something to offer or who they can benefit from. As a brand it shouldn’t be only about taking, it’s also about giving.

You can think of how to help your audience or community gain more, either by a monthly or weekly post of Insights or values you can render. You might help by sharing the mistakes you made, the opportunities you didn’t take that you knew would have made your brand better, it might be the risks you took, it might be anything that might help inspire your audience or something they can learn from.

Be Generous
This can help move your brand to the next level, you can start by doing free jobs or occasional monthly promo’s for your audience. Don’t be about taking but give as well.

You can do a monthly give away or a quiz trend. This makes your audience relate more with your brand, also, being generous as a brand is a two way benefit, you get more engagement and communication on your brand.


Mary Akinsande

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