#TheInspiredTeam: Want to get the job done? Get this four type of guys in your team

Every motivated team has a Victor Moses, someone that keeps the team motivated. This week on #TheInspiredTeam, we’ll be looking at what keeps a team motivated. Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of giants” This signifies that every successful team has a motivating giant that provides […]

Your Dream

#MondayMotivation: Leke’s Monday Morning Motivation

Hello great people, it’s a pleasure to come to you again with Inspirational materials on your phones, tablets and laptops with #MondayMotivation I’m so grateful and elated that you subscribe to this digital magazine. From now on, every Monday morning would be for sharing inspiration with you from all of us at #TheInspiredDream. There’s this […]

Historian-turned-OAP makes headlines with inspiring story

Hello outstanding people, TheInspiredDream.com.ng is here to stay bringing you inspiring stories of people who lead outstanding lives. Today, Our #TheInspiredDream is an On-Air Personality who believes in the fulfilment of dreams. She is a graduate of History and International Relations from Lagos State University.  We have no other than Eleso Moyosoreoluwa, a media and […]

Meet Essemm, Trailblazer Extraordinaire!

Today our #TheInspiredDream is no other than Somto Nsofor popularly known as Essemm. He is a first Class graduate of Oduduwa University Ile Ife where he studied business administration. In his words, “I am a lover and believer of God. I have passion for music, I make it, teach it and produce it!” Essemm also […]

Artist Ignites passion in Entrepreneurship

Art is life, and is exemplified by the  beauty of nature. In our episode this week,  we have a young artist who is trailblazing in his own way. This artist is just simply amazing and illuminating with his paintings with the drive and dexterity he puts into his art. Art is his life, he works […]

It’s all Privilege!

It’s all Privilege! I don’t know how you will see this. But, it’s all privilege. I’ve heard and seen people who have worked so hard lose so big. Some even lost their lives, the very thing they lived for. So it’s all privilege. The ability to work is a privilege which we all must be […]

To 2am.

Right now as I write, it’s about 2am in Lagos, Nigeria. This young chap is up and running with the vision that he got sometime ago. Dreams are not overnight miracles, no! They are achievable feats flying on the wings of hard work, persistence and a lot of guts. Martin Luther King Jr, the man […]

Fund Your Dreams! 2 Mind-blowing ways to create your Dreams Fund.

See! Life is in stages and men are in phases. Those that achieve greatness in life are those who realise that they have a dream that must be fulfilled and a future that must be planned for. Many people literally sleep through life and wake up in their future and wonder why they are broke and […]