apps changing the world

#7 Mobile Apps That Are Changing The World

There are many mobile apps that are changing the world one way or the other. In this article, we attempt to show you 7 of such amazing apps. These following mobile apps in one way or the other, have influenced the way the world operates, they have added to the development of the world, therefore […]

Usage Insight

Instagram CEO confirms upcoming “time spent” Usage Insight

Instagram is getting a new ‘Usage Insight’ tool to help users see how much time they’ve spent in the social media app. It is not exactly clear whether it will be the total number of time spent on a short scale like daily, weekly or monthly or it would be on a long scale like […]

#PoemAlert: The Fear of Tomorrow – Chioma Irene

  I usually think of tomorrow In an unseemly way Sometimes in fear, I’d wish for daylight to come fast. While in awe, I’d wish for daylight not to part. This fear of tomorrow robs me of today’s joy; It makes me see what’s not there; weakness, foes, anxiety, etc, And I can’t be positive. […]