leke ademo: leke's monday morning motivation, the inspired dream, on top

#MondayMotivation: Leke’s Monday Morning Motivation: Act when you should!

So I read an article on LinkedIn yesterday which inspired me. People often say there is something called writers bloc when writers don’t have inspiration to write. I think every Writer faces this at some point. So the writer on LinkedIn was encouraging us to overcome writers bloc by just writing irrespective of how we […]

leke ademo: leke's monday morning motivation, the inspired dream, on top

#MondayMotivation: Leke’s Monday Morning Motivation – Dreams

When pen comes to paper, for me it’s like a miracle is set to be created. This is so because it still amazes me how someone would mix only 26 letters together and lives would be transformed and repositioned to fulfill their dreams. I often like to see myself as a programmer, only that I […]

To 2am.

Right now as I write, it’s about 2am in Lagos, Nigeria. This young chap is up and running with the vision that he got sometime ago. Dreams are not overnight miracles, no! They are achievable feats flying on the wings of hard work, persistence and a lot of guts. Martin Luther King Jr, the man […]

Fund Your Dreams! 2 Mind-blowing ways to create your Dreams Fund.

See! LifeĀ is in stages and men are in phases. Those that achieve greatness in life are those who realise that they have a dream that must be fulfilled and a future that must be planned for. Many people literally sleep through life and wake up in their future and wonder why they are broke and […]

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TheInspiredDream.com.ng: Dreams come true.

Dreams come true! Many people have gone through different phases of their life carrying a heart desire that they want to fulfill which they have always believed would eventually come, but for many it never came. TheInspiredDream.com.ng is here for you to inspire and empower you to fulfil that longing in your heart and to […]