Are you an Inspired Dreamer?

The ideal Inspired Dreamer is an upward thinking individual who is either a student, career professional or an entrepreneur.

We are building a community. The Inspired Dream Community. The inspired Dream is a movement.

For there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

The ideal Inspired Dreamer is a young African between the ages of 10 and 45.
An individual who desires a better life. One who, if given the opportunity would ‘check out’ of the African Continent to anywhere other than a place where blacks hold authority.

Our ideal audience includes people who want to understand how to make money, spend it and live a good life. They are people who don’t want excuses. They have a vision of the way things should be. They are not lazy. They seek opportunities everywhere if given the right opportunities they would thrive. They have a survival spirit that would keep them through tough times.

Some of them are 10 years old, they are just starting life as it were. They are seeking opportunities to make it in life. They want a life they can enjoy, not the one passed down to them. Others have just turned thirteen and don’t understand why the world sees them differently. They are Teenagers now. They want to explore life, they want to live their dreams. They want a future they can enjoy. They are part of The Inspired Dreamers.

There are yet others who have just left the Teenage years, the realities of adulthood seem to be steering them in the face. Some have gained admission into institutions of higher learning, others are waiting for JAMB to give them the ticket. There are some who are processing their visas to study abroad. In their minds, they know they are not going to come back to the country they once called home. They prefer to be second class citizens in places where things work.

Many Inspired Dreamers are in the University studying courses that do not have any correlation with what they see in their future. They claim JAMB gave it to them. Who is JAMB? You might ask.

The Inspired Dreamers are all over the place. There are those who still believe that Nigeria and indeed Africa would be great again (if it ever was).

They are often regarded as millennials because their development phases happened around that period. Even their parents don’t seem to understand them. They are unique.

Some Inspired Dreamers are working at jobs in various locations. Many leave their homes as early as 5 am in order to reach their destinations on time. They are ingenious and seek for the opportunities to make it big in the fulfillment of their dreams.

The highest age in the Inspired Dreamers Community is 45. These are those who have kept the faith alive. They believe their dreams are valid and that they would achieve it. Any other person above 45 that still believes in the possibilities of dream fulfillment can be said to be a Dreamer, for young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams.

Are you an Inspired Dreamer?

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