Real Madrid vs Liverpool: 5 lessons I learnt from UEFA Champions League Finals

bale Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Just a few hours ago, almost every city in the world was preparing for the Champions League finals: Real Madrid vs Liverpool. The match has finally come and gone, but here are 5 lessons I gleaned from the epic encounter.

1. Guard your dream, watch out for Sergio Ramos: Mo Salah was substituted in the first half. He was one of the players to watch out for. Sergio Ramos didn’t allow Salah’s dream of winning champions league to be actualised.

The lesson here is that in life we must guard our dreams. Everything is against you trying to ‘break your hand.’ You need to be aware of this. Life is not fair, you have to be fully prepared and guard against everything that is against you.

2. Understand Techniques, I mean Bale kind of techniques: Karius fumbled twice. The first one was when he allowed Benzema to score a fluke.

The second one was when, a ball he should have punched, slipped from his hand. He probably thought the ball was an ordinary ball, not knowing that your enemies would never send you anything ordinary. In life, we always have to be prepared. Life is technical if you don’t understand the technicalities, ‘punch it away.’

3. Never Underrate Benzema: Benzema is not one of the best of players, but hey, he tries sometimes. The Liverpool keeper, Karius underrated Benzema and in a bid to throw a pass actually gave Benzema a free Champions League finals goal.

In life, things you think might not matter might actually do on the long run. Take necessary precautions to be at your best always. Benzema might just be around the corner.

4. Ronaldo’s ‘absence’ is part of the strategy: we could count the number of times Christiano Ronaldo had the ball. It was expected that Ronaldo would be the main man during the match but it wasn’t so. It was part of the strategy too.

On like Liverpool that the moment their main man was forced to be removed, Christiano Ronaldo was in ghost mode. That made Liverpool lack an understanding of the strategy of Madrid. In life, don’t always allow your ‘strong foot’ to be exposed, confuse your enemies!

5. Win like a pro, like Madrid! The moment Mo Salah was removed, a strong dent was done to the framework of Liverpool, their strategy, everything they spent weeks to perfect went down the drain. From that point, other weak points started opening up.

Real Madrid started doing what they know how to do best which is scoring and of course winning. They won like the pro they are. They used every opportunity they had to win. They might have scored one more goal by Ronaldo is that fan had not run into the field of play to interrupt the match.

Once you have done all, stand like the Bible admonished, make sure you win like a pro.

I’m yours truly,

Leke Ademo
(Your personal Brand Strategist)

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