Are Online Colleges worth it? Check this list of free and affordable ones

Are Online Colleges worth it? Check this list of free and affordable ones

Are online colleges worth it? Since the advent of the internet, many things have changed, the way we communicate, the way we date, the way we even learn. Many of us prefer to attend the four walls of a university or college, but not many of us can.

Would you attend an online college to obtain your Bachelors or Masters degree? There are many schools of thought as far as this is concerned, but what is most important is the value that is derived at the end of the day.

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What are online colleges?

An online college is a virtual school where individuals take classes and are awarded degrees and certificates to show their proficiency in whatever course they choose to do. It is a system where you learn at your convenience usually with the aid of digital tools and it is done predominantly online.

Due to the nature of online courses, not many people understand it or are predisposed to taking it. Some prefer physical classes due to the benefits that follow it such as an opportunity to build real relationships along the line or the mere fact that the lecturer is physically present.

Online Colleges are simply the future of education, I don’t see them displacing physical colleges, but complementing them. If you are busy with work and you think an online college would help you achieve your goals, your dream of being educated, then, by all means, go for it.

List of Free or Affordable Best Online Colleges Examples

For many reasons, people search for free or affordable online colleges or universities that they would love to enroll in. To this end, we have hand-picked a couple of free and affordable best online colleges which are duly nationally accredited in the United States of America. Searching, I came across a couple of questions that people are asking which mostly has to do with costs. Many seek scholarships, grants, loans, etc. Popular questions include: ‘how much does it cost for online college?’;  ‘what online colleges give you a laptop; is online college cheaper’; and ‘what are the best online colleges’ amongst others.

Let’s take a look: According to Wikipedia, below are the list of online degree awarding institutions which aid online education in the US.

Education important. Whether you are set for a Bachelors degree or Masters or just a short course in your field, it’s important that you achieve your goal and get empowered.

My question to you is: would you want to attend an online college? Kindly share your thoughts below and share your why as well.


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