My Journey To The Future (Episode 1) – Praise Ogabi

My Journey To The Future (Episode 1) – Praise Ogabi
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Episode 1

Life is a teacher and in this series, I am going to be telling you about my life and lessons that I have learnt along the way. You see, I may not have lived very long but in my few years on earth I have learnt one thing: ‘no matter how many times life hits you to the ground, always get back up’. I mean, you owe yourself that.

Getting through University was pretty easy, at least academically. As a law student, it wasn’t exactly a breeze as I found some aspects of my study challenging and sometimes I didn’t get the grades I wanted but overall, it was rather great.

Unfortunately, not all aspects of my life were going the same way, my health for instance. When I was in 300L, I was diagnosed with a condition that would lead me to question so many things, my faith, self-image and make me lose confidence in myself.

After the diagnosis, I became sullen and reclusive. It was a life changing illness that the doctors said I’d have to manage for the rest of my life.

I was nineteen when this happened. I had just begun my journey of self- discovery and ascertaining what I wanted from life. I was one of the top- five in my class at the time. Active in extra- curricular activities and with a passionate faith in God. I asked myself why God would allow such to befall me.

I managed to forge ahead with schooling amidst going for check-up and using medication which made me drowsy and caused me to put on a lot of weight (to paint a clearer picture, I went from a size 4 to a size 8/10). It was hard for me to get into an exercise regimen because I often felt fatigued and I was battling with discouragement and depression. I lost my usual bubbly personality and jaunty confidence and began to second guess everything I did.

As a result of the illness, I had to withdraw from certain activities and this caused some heartache for me on top of everything else. As time went on, I settled into a comfortable routine but I wasn’t back to being myself just yet.

400L went by in a haze and I found myself in final year. This was my year I thought. Away from the distractions of having so many activities I poured myself into my studies and for the first semester of my final year I recorded the highest G.P.A (Grade Point Average) ever.

Also I got to represent my school in an international competition in the beautiful city of Uyo.

Although my team didn’t win the competition, we however ranked really high at the preliminary phases and were commended by many of the judges. This gave me some of my confidence back. By the time I was finishing my final year, I had gotten some of my shine, my eyes had recovered some of its light.

Regardless of the challenge I faced with my health, I managed to finish with a 4.00 C.G.P.A (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and graduated fourth in my year. I have God to thank for this.

After University, I served as Graduate Intern in a Law Firm and although it was quite stressful, I enjoyed every bit of it. I felt so fulfilled and happy because I was doing what I loved.

I was there for eight months then the time for law school came. I was excited. I decided to attend the Abuja Law School because I wanted a change of environment, to get away from the challenge I faced while in school. Little did I know that what I faced in Lagos was only a tip of the iceberg.

During my law school, life happened again. Read about it next Sunday in the next episode of ‘MY JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE’.

My Journey To The Future (Episode 1) - Praise Ogabi
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My Journey To The Future (Episode 1) - Praise Ogabi
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Praise Ogabi

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  1. Wow, I must commend your fight in recovering and getting back on your feet. I can’t wait for the next episode

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