My Journey To The Future (Episode 5)- Praise Ogabi

My Journey To The Future (Episode 5)- Praise Ogabi
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I got sick. I got very sick. It was really bad and it lasted for about three months. During this period I was not myself and afterwards. I felt really bad. Why did I feel bad? Let’s say the illness was one of a sensitive nature. I struggled once again with feelings of self-worth and was just a shell of myself. However, with time, I got over it and began to live again.

You see, after my NYSC, I wanted to stay back in Abuja. In fact, after I got better I was shuffling between Lagos and Abuja but eventually I discovered that it wasn’t going to work. I had to come back home. So, I returned home and my family welcomed me with open arms.

Leaving home, I had high hopes and coming back, most those hopes weren’t fulfilled. Yet I had to do something with myself. My dad and I had a talk and he was asking if there was any course I’d like to run or stuff like that. I settled to run my master’s program and I’m glad I did.

Though my parents were very supportive financially, I needed to do something for money. I was a graduate after all, a lawyer at that. I got an employment which can be loosely referred to as a ‘job’. I was called on demand to work with a senior lawyer and he paid me Two Thousand Naira (N2, 000) per job. That didn’t last long though. After a while, the senior lawyer stopped calling me and I was again out of a job.

Next- up, I got a job at a law firm where I was being paid One Thousand Naira (1,000) per day. Although the pay was worse, it was more regular and to be honest I learnt quite enough although I couldn’t stay at the firm for a long time. In the course of working in the firm, I travelled the length and breadth of Ogun State and after a short while all the travelling and stress began to tell on my health.

It was soon clear to me that I had to resign. I did so and started my own practice. It didn’t pay much but at least it was enough to keep body and soul together. I am very grateful to friends and family who supported my fledgling practice by referring clients by patronising me themselves.

the while, I was running my master’s program, gaining a lot and evolving as a woman. During the course of my master’s program, I got a job, a standard, really great job and that marked a new beginning for me.

It’s been a learning experience working at this new job and it’s an ongoing journey.

This marks the end of MY JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE and I hope that you have learnt from it. We’ll be starting a new series soon titled THE DEVIL IS A LAWYER. Anticipate!!!


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Praise Ogabi

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