My Journey To The Future (Episode 3)- Praise Ogabi

My Journey To The Future (Episode 3)- Praise Ogabi
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Service year was great for the most part but camp was weird. Why weird? Well, I had just ended a relationship and I felt really down. So the three week period of NYSC Camp wasn’t as exciting as it should have been. Asides my roommates, I hardly made any friends which was quite unlike me.

Anyway, camp ended and I was posted to Federal Judicial Service Commission. I heard they paid well there and even provided accommodation so I was quite happy about it. Unfortunately for me, I was given a letter of rejection and had to hunt for a PPA (Primary Place of Assignment) for my service year. My other choice was to serve in a law firm but that was not quite it for me. I wanted a place where I won’t be so stressed. As God would have it, my dad had some contacts and I got accepted to serve in Federal Road Safety Commission.

It was during service year that I faced a fresh set of challenges mostly of a personal nature. Imagine this. I was young, naïve and had quite a lot of freedom. What was bound to happen? Your guess is as good as mine. Guys were going to try to take advantage of me. Were they succeed? Hmmm let’s see.

Professionally, I was doing well. I was going to court, treating files, and doing other work assigned to me. I am proud to say that during my service at FRSC I was able to compile the first ever database of summary of cases against FRSC nationwide from 2014 up until 2018.

Also, I was given the great honour on presenting a lecture at the Corps Legal Office’s Quarterly lecture and it was delivered succinctly and I was lauded and applauded by all and sundry. I felt proud of myself.

Now, I am a child of God and by this I mean that I believe that Jesus died for my sins and that I should honour God with my body. I believe in keeping myself till marriage. However, with my new found I could do almost what I pleased and keeping my head was not very easy. Point is, I had made a decision and I meant to stand by it. Standing by one’s decision shows strength of character. This however doesn’t mean being stubborn or ignoring other peoples opinion or being unwilling to compromise when the situation calls for it.

A couple of guys came my way and I made certain mistakes but I am grateful I didn’t make the ultimate mistake that might have completely changed the trajectory of my life.

So, I met a guy at church. We’ll call him Brother John. Brother John invited me over to his place and I went. Nothing happened so I thought- ‘this seems like a decent guy’. Unknown to me, he was simply playing a game. The next time, he invited me to his office and before I knew it, I was on the way to his house. This time, things did not go so well. But thankfully I didn’t get raped. I’d like to say I never set my foot in his house again or even set my eyes on him. But I did go again. At this point I had crossed the line from naivety to pure stupidity. Also, I liked him and wanted things to work out so I went again and this time he did something that scarred me forever. Needless say, that was the end of whatever that was.

What did I learn? Brother John was wrong. Yes. But so was I. I learnt that if I am to meet a guy, I must insist on meeting at a neutral place. I also learnt that if you don’t have boundaries, people will walk over you and still blame you for it and they won’t be wrong.

For you it might not be a guy, it might be standing up for yourself or not going back to that terrible job. Stand by your decision and your future self will thank you.

Going forward, I was to embark on a project that would present me with another set of challenges that would make me a stronger woman. Read about it next Monday on the next episode of MY JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE.


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Praise Ogabi

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