My Journey To The Future (Episode 2)- Praise Ogabi

My Journey To The Future (Episode 2)- Praise Ogabi
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In life, we don’t always get what we desire, we might not even always achieve everything we work towards but we always get what we negotiate.

Law School began with a bang. I had my things packed up and I was on the first bus down to my Aunt’s place in Abuja. I arrived Abuja safely and in no time was headed to the Law School in Bwari, Abuja.

I went through the motions, went to class, read my books and boy did I eat? Soon I started experiencing fatigue. After classes, I would usually experience an afternoon slump and I’ll be unable to study much afterwards. I put it down to the stress of attending a 6- hour long class.

Unfortunately I wasn’t studying hard enough. I didn’t join study groups because I felt I was smart enough to study by myself. I was struggling but I didn’t admit it. I wasn’t taking my medication either and this worsened things for me. You see the medication helped me cope with stress and assure you Law School is one of the most stressful experiences in a lawyer’s life. Since I wasn’t taking it, I wasn’t coping well.

Time flew by and soon it was time for externship. Externship is a period where you are attached to a Chamber and to a Court for about one month each. I used that period to catch up on my reading and I did cover a lot of ground. Like I said earlier I hadn’t really tested myself to evaluate where I really stood with regards to bar finals (final exam in law school). So though I had read I couldn’t really tell how much I had internalized.

After we returned from externship, we had to make a presentation to a panel defending our externship experience. We had to present an Ethical Dilemma as well as answer random questions on procedural law as a whole. I was able to present quite well though I go some of my questions wrong I still scored okay.

Eventually, bar finals came, and my neglect of my health began to tell. I went into shock though till now I can’t really tell what went wrong. I know is that I was hyperventilating and felt really dizzy. It seemed like the world slowed down. Before all this happened I asked my flatmate to walk me to the clinic. It was at the clinic that the attack occurred. I told the doctors I was hypoglycemic (which I was but the condition had improved over time so I wasn’t actually certain what was wrong) and I was given a drip. I was told I might be unable to write the exams but I wasn’t allowed to write the exams in the clinic or stay there overnight.

I slept in my friend’s room that night and I had to be woken up to eat because that’s what the doctor recommended. When I went into shock, I lost track of all that I had carefully studied and memorized. My thoughts were all jumbled in my head and I couldn’t remember a lot of things. I managed to write my exams and hoped for the best.

The results came out and I had a pass. Back then, Law School still used your lowest grade to determine your final grade so it didn’t mean I had a pass in all my courses but I was so scared though that I performed so badly so I never went back to request for my statement of result.

Law School was over, I couldn’t do it over again. I had planned that if I had managed to come out with a 2:1 in law school then I’d readily get into a good law firm there in Abuja.

I decided that I was not going to let my grades get me down. So I strove ahead determined to make an impact during my Service Year. I was posted to serve my fatherland in the Nation’s capital. The great city of Abuja.

What challenges awaited me during my service year and how did I overcome them? Read about it next Sunday on the next episode of MY JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE.

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Praise Ogabi

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