Mopheth Pharmacy and Stores! Meeting all needs in Lagos

Mopheth Pharmacy and Stores! Meeting all needs in Lagos
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For me, I’ve visited quite a number of Pharmacies in Lagos, but there’s one that has stood out for me over the years – Mopheth Pharmacy!

The experience when you walk into any Mopheth Outlet is homely. You are welcomed by friendly staff who are bent on meeting every need you might have, no wonder the Mopheth vision is Meeting Needs. Recently, I walked into the Adeola Odeku outlet of Mopheth and I could tell why they are a leading brand. So I decided to write this article to give 6 reasons why Mopheth Pharmacy is the best place to get any items you need. Mopheth doesn’t only sell drugs, they also sell other household items which are in the supermarket section of the stores.

Shhh!! I heard that Mopheth is launching an Ecommerce store pretty soon, I can’t wait to order prescription drugs and supermarket items online.

Below are the reasons why you should visit Mopheth today:

1. Customer Service

The first thing I noticed when I entered the building was the courteous Mopheth Ambassadors that attended to me. They were willing to help me find everything I needed. Even when I wasn’t sure of the exact things I needed, they were quick to suggest the best items to purchase.

2. Mark of Quality

Among other things, one thing I don’t joke with is quality and Mopheth Pharmacy delivers on this big time. I have bought items from other places that didn’t meet my quality requirements, but with Mopheth, I am sure of the best quality always.

3. Exceptionally Fast and quality service.

Satisfaction! That’s what I get when I visit Mopheth Pharmacy, their products are well categorised and most importantly, their service is exceptionally fast. They really have the best staff, very courteous, fast and ready to offer great service.

4. Experienced and Knowledgeable Pharmacists.
There’s something that still amazes me till date, it’s the unusual synergy between Doctors and Pharmacists. If you’ve ever been given a prescription by a Doctor with heavenly handwriting, there’s just one category of people that can read it…and they are Pharmacists. However, at Mopheth, beyond reading a Doctor’s prescription, their Pharmacists are well groomed, they know their onions when it comes to their job.

5. Their Medications and Supermarket items are never out of stock.
With a number of stores around the Lagos metropolis, Mopheth Pharmacy always has products in stock. They never seem to run out of stock. Their procurement team must really be on top of things ensuring that everything needed is available for customers to order.

6. Deliveries are top-notch
One day, I needed a product urgently and couldn’t make it down to their Adeola Odeku store, so I decided to put a call through and you won’t believe it, I got the items delivered the same day. I later learnt that they have a policy that items ordered before 12noon are delivered the same day.
I can’t begin to state all the reasons why Mopheth is a great place to buy all pharmacy and supermarket items, but these and more are just enough to say why I love the Mopheth brand.
I can’t wait for their online store to be ready so I can begin to purchase items online.

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