Life’s Discoveries- Ruth Bassey Okim

Life’s Discoveries- Ruth Bassey Okim
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Good morning beautiful people, I’m very excited to discuss  on this with you.
Let’s forget about those who bleach their skin and focus on the millions of us who bleach our minds. For the mind bleachers are the more serious offenders, the skin bleachers are just too superficial.
Are you an African? Do you want to know if you have a bleached mind? Then answer these questions. If you can get up to 6 negative replies, then your mind is not bleached.

1. Will you give your child an English name for official use and a native name as an informal one? Why do Africans think their children need to have English names? Honestly, I wonder why.

2. Do you feel a lighter skin is more attractive than a darker one? I personally feel no colour is beautiful or ugly in and of it self, for people are beautiful or ugly irrespective of colour.

3. Do you see going abroad as a life’s achievement?  Do you feel people who live in America or England are successes for just being there? Hmmmm your mind might just be bleached if you think so.

4. Do you feel white people are better than your own people? Will you choose a white illiterate drunkard over your black educated friend? You might just be a white race worshipper if so.

5. Do you feel proud when you wear clothings and use accessories made abroad and not in your African country? Doesn’t it bother you that your country is not producing quality stuff while you flaunt what is foreign?

6. Do you feel people who have a British or western accent are smarter than those who have an African accent?

7. If you go abroad and get successful will you come back to make your country better or just plan for your family to go over and forget about your African country?

8. What does success mean to you? Is your definition of success tied to travelling or living abroad?

May be you have a bleached mind judge for yourself. When next you want to judge those who bleach their skin, remember that the mind bleachers are the more serious offenders. Why won’t they bleach their skin, when the society of mind bleachers around them are telling them in so many languages that being black is unattractive?

When next you want to laugh at the bleaching sisters, sit back, relax, ask yourself “am I not also bleaching?”

Thanks for reading through, I hope you visit this website next  Friday to hear more from me.


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Joshua Aniyikaye

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