Fund Your Dreams! 2 Mind-blowing ways to create your Dreams Fund.


See! Life is in stages and men are in phases. Those that achieve greatness in life are those who realise that they have a dream that must be fulfilled and a future that must be planned for.

Many people literally sleep through life and wake up in their future and wonder why they are broke and yet they want to fulfill their dreams. Friend, fund your dreams!

The question is, how do you fund your dreams? Let me show you in two ways.

First, create your ‘dream fund’. A dream fund is simply a ‘fall back’ fund that you save towards from time to time which could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The length of saving and investment is dependent on the maturity date of your dream.

Your dream fund is inevitable if you are going to achieve your dreams. Is it a car, house, furthering your education, etc. Whatever your dreams are, you can achieve in two years if you plan towards it. Create your dream fun now and build your dream now.

Secondly, Increase your earning power. This affects your dream fund. It is from your present earning capacity that you can create your dream fund from. All you need is a percentage of your present earning. The good thing about this is that you can by building your dream fund, in two years or more you automatically Increase your earning power if you know how to invest your funds right (I can help you with some Investment advice on how to do it).

Your life today is only a fraction your your future life, if you save and invest a part, you would have a great future, but if not, you would become a story teller.

Act now, build that investment fund and secure your future.

My name is Leke Ademo, I believe in the Fulfilment of dreams.

Leke Ademo is an Investment Analyst, Blogger and Author of ‘Fulfilling your DREAMS from Conceptualisation to Actualisation’. He can be reached on +2348077454779 or on

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