Finding Comfort outside my Comfort Zone.

Finding Comfort outside my Comfort Zone.
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 We fear our highest possibility as well as our lowest one. We are generally afraid to become that which we can be in our most perfect moments- Abraham Maslow

I’ve got lots of business ideas running through my mind. I could make a lot of money, but for my fears. I’m unwilling to take the risk of ending my job as a Financier for a multi-national company, to have a plug to my monthly allowance from the company. The money I’m paid is not small money. It’s what I use in living a good life. I’ve got a good ride, nice accommodation and, also, the toast of many ladies. In fact, my guys are jealous of me, Mama is proud of me; what else do I need that I do not have?

Besides, not everybody can become business owners. What’s all the fuss about?
But I’m unhappy and envious of my friends who have small businesses of their own. I consider their lives an adventure. No single day is monotonous for them. They make decisions on their own, not needing the approval of any superior at the top. They are bosses in their own right. If they decide to stay in bed all day, no queries.
For me, each day of the week is a drag, the same set of activities each week. I leave for the office in the morning, do my job, leave for home late in the evening. I’m kinda tired of it all.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my job, but I’m just not feeling it anymore, I don’t have time for myself, working long hours every day, saying yes boss, no boss, whatever you want boss, I’m beginning to get frustrated, no freedom to do as I want. I feel like a slave sometimes. There are times when I would have to stay back in the office, after hours to finish a project. Vacations were no exceptions, I had to go when called.
I’m stressed every day of the week, no time to relax; wake up early, go to bed late. That’s the cycle I go through every week. I can’t afford to stay in bed all day, or else, you know the rest. I have to do all these, so as to get promoted, any lapses, and you are shown the door.

New Year’s day in 2018, changed my life forever. My guys and a few other friends came together to celebrate over drinks, cheering to a better life and making more money. Our conversation moved from babes to the economy to celebrities, just random stuff, but what had me at alert the most, was when we started to argue about Paid job v Owning your own Company. Obviously, I was against being an entrepreneur, but I was curious as to what my guys had to say.
Tayo, who was the owner of an Agro enterprise, and other smaller business on the side, had a lot to say for the Entrepreneurs. I recall, that when we were in University together, he was the salesman, there was nothing he did not and could not sell. Now, he was a big man. Beside him, I felt like a pauper, haha!
Jovially, I asked him how he did it, why he was so successful, he simply smiled and said it was God. Haha come on, tell us, there is more to this than meets the eye!! Lol, risk-taking, determination and hard work. He mentioned quite a number of things, but what struck me was risk-taking, doing things outside your comfort zone. I remembered having plans and not taking steps to achieve any. We had a great time together as buddies and promised to stay in touch.

I called on him at his office later in the month, and we discussed extensively on taking risks, he stated that you may not always win when you take risks, but your ability to not give up, and continue forward, would foster improvement and keeping a positive mindset that, things would get better.
I shared with him, some of my plans, and he was like your ideas are super amazing, but what’s stopping you, I said my job. He raised his eyebrows and asked if I was okay, he said to that, that having heard my plans, if I were to act on them, I would be a multimillionaire within 2-3 years, and be happier. Also, he winked at me and said he was willing to take the risk of working with me.
I stared at him incredulously and knew within me that it was time to take a chance on myself.
I resumed work, the next week and knew I would be leaving my job very soon, I could not be stopped. I put in a notice of my resignation at the HR department and said I would stay for two weeks till they had a replacement for me. I had it in mind to start an Accounting firm of my own, I had the capital, a partner, I had the experience. Al I needed was to build my client base.
I left my job, never looked back. It was not all rosy in the beginning, It was serious work, I had to build my client base from the scratch, thank God for Tayo in my life, he was not only a friend, but he was also my mentor, and taught me new skills, gave me books to read, helped out with my investment plans, by my 2nd year, I was already into. making millions, I had finally found comfort outside my comfort zone.


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Moyege Toye

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