Very small and minute,they cannot be seen
It’s so amazing
Their kind of being
It can be funny
That such exists
I’m interested and keen
To see or learn more about these tiny beings
Prions,Viroids, Virus or what do you call it?
And all in the world of microscopy
Electron, light or compound microscope as the case may be
Really when I view them in harmony
Beautiful beings is all I see

Take a look at the trees
Shrubs, herbs and grasses
Though stagnant and not moving
The wonders they do is amazing
They feed without visiting the kitchen
They reproduce without mating
They are conscious and respond to stimuli
They flourish,grow,mature in different seasons
A lot of flowers I can’t start counting
Hibiscus, Pride of Barbados, rose or morning glory
Really when I view them in harmony
Beautiful plants is all I see

The world of animals kept me wondering
If you permit me,I’ll keep wandering
Morning over night and night over morning
Just a sight is astonishing
Some are gone into extinction and some are living
Some are very huge, some moderately sized and some are tiny
Do you wanna talk about birds or the fishes?
Oh,You want more understanding?
Just study zoology!
You know, studying them is exiting
Really when I view them in harmony
Beautiful creatures is all I see

Have you been out on an evening?
Just looking up,staring?
I have and I love what I see
Lots of stars in galaxy!
The moon which I termed their king
Don’t mind me,I’m just been childish
Or have you in a morning
Stare at the sky which seems unending
The wonderful colours, astonishing
You’ve seen rainbow in a rainy season?
With diverse colours so pretty
Really when I view them in harmony
Beautiful nature is all I see

You might have given yourself enough reason
To remain down, and forever buried
But there are million more beautiful reasons
To glow and flourish
To be bright and happy
The nature enough is inspiring
Enough to keep you glaring
Tell you that you’re amazing
When I give myself a good view in a scene
A beautiful me is what I see


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