#7 Mobile Apps That Are Changing The World

#7 Mobile Apps That Are Changing The World

There are many mobile apps that are changing the world one way or the other. In this article, we attempt to show you 7 of such amazing apps. These following mobile apps in one way or the other, have influenced the way the world operates, they have added to the development of the world, therefore showing new ways to life and a new outlook to situations.



Fear has existed right from human existence, and women are seen as the one most prone to fear because they panic easily. Most women don’t like the idea of walking alone at night in areas with fewer people even sometimes in areas with a lot of young men.

SAFE TREK is an app created by the University of Missouri Graduate, Zachary Beathe along with his friends, Nick Droege, Aaron Kunnemann and Zachary Winkler to guarantee your safety as a woman, either traveling or walking alone at night. Just by the help of a simple button, which when released prompts the user for a secure four-digit passcode and if the passcode is not typed in the next ten seconds, local police are notified and dispatched to the user’s location.

Although the concept is simple, it’s already doing some great things. Because Safe Trek works on a “dead man’s switch” concept, there’s no need to worry about opening a new app and typing in your information which is usually entered after initial download. The app according to the founders had the intent of securing the safety of children and reliving their parents of worries.


This app is a deep app for Doctors with huge strength medications. It is a repository for lots of medication information and it includes drug interaction checker and a pill identification tool. It also gives you access to to the manufacturer of a drug. Epocrates is not just a drug information app, it also ensures a secure texting service that allows physicians and other hospital personnel to text each other while maintaining HIPAA compliance. It gives a Doctor automatic notifications about important medical news stories and it also includes built-in, searchable resources for clinical guidelines, disease information, ICD-10 codes and so on.


ShopSavvy is a free app for android and iOS, it reliefs you of the stress of shopping by allowing you scan a barcode or search for any product and instantly find out who offers the best price. It has the ability to scan millions of products from about 40,000 stores including Macy’s, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Newegg. Among the stores mentioned, some let buy through ShopSavvy app and earn 20% cash back when you do. The app also has the ability to save and track your favourite products’ prices.


The Hunt is a social shopping app, that gives you a platform where you can exchange style advice, discover new trends and share your own shopping tips. On this app, you can post a picture of something you spotted on the street and the community will help you find and buy it. It’s an amazing app, saves you money and time. It also allows you to poll the community, asking if something is purchasing. In addition, you can buy things you find on the app or save them to your wish list.

5. DUO

This app has changed the view of Android; it’s like an alternative app for making video calls. Maybe you’ve got an Android device and Skype doesn’t really do what you want. Enter DUO, Google’s solution to Apple’s extravagant app-turned verb, FaceTime. With DUO, you can make video calls to anyone else with the app and a phone number, either an iOS or Android phone. It’s simple to use and has an immediate upgrade known as “knock knock”; this feature shows you live video of the caller before you even pick up, this was done as an insurance against screening a call, I think?


This app is popularly known across the world. It has the ability to push more than one image in a single post, views disappearing photos in the same inbox as a normal message and adds Snapchat like filters that beautify your face. It also has some features that allow you to express yourself online, like the story and the features in it.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the everyday twist in our 24/7 news trend. But the Funnel app has helped change that. It’s a news app that helps you stay on top of current events, it’s an extraordinary app that amazes you with its ability to stream the latest audio newscast from sources like NPR, BBC News, CBC, CNN and more. It’s like having a single radio station with a huge variety of content to keep you constantly in the present.

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