5 Nigerian youths to empower teachers in Lagos, sponsored by the US Consulate.

5 Nigerian youths to empower teachers in Lagos, sponsored by the US Consulate.

The US Consulate is set to sponsor 5 Nigerian youths to empower teachers in Lagos. Each Year, youths in Nigeria with a drive for social development within their community and on the global scale apply to be part of various youth fellowships that identify with their passion and provide the necessary support and network to implement projects that would benefit the society.

For the 2018/2019 fellowship year, young social innovators like Hammed Kayode Alabi, Moyosoreoluwa Eleso, Abraham Femi Abraham, Hannah Afia, and Toluwanimi Afolayan, applied and were successfully inducted into the Carrington Youth Fellowship which is an initiative of the United States Consulate in Lagos.

This crop of young leaders, passionate about the educational sector were selected into the Education Team of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative to birth an education development project.

This is in line with Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals which is to make quality education accessible and affordable to everyone; the team conducted a research & needs assessment on the current state of education in Nigeria and found a huge opportunity to improve the learning experience of students by closing the knowledge gaps in teachers education in Nigeria.

This coincided with reports released by World Bank correlating poor student learning outcomes with unqualified and unmotivated teachers. In addition, even qualified and motivated teachers are not well empowered and equipped to utilize contemporary pedagogies to improve student learning outcomes.

Hence, the Education Team created “Teaching Edge” an education development programme that seeks to improve the quality of education in secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria; by equipping, empowering and creating a support system for teachers.

They will do this by using a multi-pronged approach to development; which includes organizing immersive training for low income secondary school teachers, showcasing & awarding outstanding teacher beneficiaries who have put these learnings into practice. The team also seeks to launch an open-source online learning repository for teachers as a means to sustain and scale the impact of the project.

With this project, the team hopes to impact the lives of hundreds of teachers in Lagos; which will have a ripple effect on the learning outcome of thousands of student across various communities in Nigeria.

While the U.S Consulate Lagos provides the project team with the financial and technical support, the team looks forward to getting support from various stakeholders in the private and public sector as they set out to make major transformation in the Nigerian education sector.


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