5 Dress Tips For Interview Success

5 Dress Tips For Interview Success

Interviews can be very challenging but at the same time beautiful, both depending on your situation as the interviewee. Get ready for that interview, give your interviewer the best first impression. There’s this saying that states “dress the way you want to be addressed”. How do you want to be addressed? Of course with respect and decency. If you want that perfect interview, then you need this dressing tips for interview success.

1. Stay Comfortable.

Comfort is key for any interview. Because Hiring managers are very good at spotting someone who is uncomfortable and nervous. You might be uncomfortable due to your shoes but the hiring manager doesn’t know that, he probably thinks your nervousness or discomfort is due to inexperience.

When picking what to wear, pick a dress with the mindset of winning the job. Your whole attire should compliment each other, don’t go overboard getting an entirely new dress, wear an outfit that is tested and true, at least fit into new shoes a week before the big day and always remember to take off dress and shoe tags in order to avoid embarrassment. Wear clothes you feel comfortable with not itchy or stuffy dresses you’ve never worn before. Just be smart.

2. Research on Dress codes for your Position and Industry.

When planning, do your research on what type of company you’re about to go into; e.g. A PR agency could require you dress in a more creative casual wear like a stylish gown or skirt and top and on the other hand, a financial institution; e.g. A bank would require a more business professional wear.

3. Never wear too much Complementaries.

Less is more already, you don’t want to scare your hiring manager away by wearing too much complementaries like accessories and make up, perfume and cologne; you don’t wan to create a distraction, you are there to prove yourself worthy not to show off your bling. Too much make up does not only distract interview, it communicates you’ve got something to hide, even when you don’t.

4. Dress to Make a Positive Impact.

As I have said before, you have to research on the industry you’re planning to work for, also to be included, the era you’re in determines your look, don’t wear something from the 90’s to a 21st century company or industry, if you find it hard to get that ‘dress’, you can call the HR of your organization to advice you on what to wear or you can go to a very known clothing store and request for someone to help pick that perfect dress, e.g. Debra’s Grace, Macy’s and the rest.

5. Beautiful Ideas on Interview Outfits for Women.

Still find it hard to get that perfect dress? Then here are some dress tips I can advice you to wear;

I. A neat Black dress
II. Pencil Skirt and Blouse
III. Colored Sweater and Skirt
IV. Blouse with tailored slacks
V. Tailored Blazer and Trousers
VI. MIDI Skirts and Sweater

For shoes
High heels, Brokes, slip on, Fancy sandals (only in gold, black or
silver). Make sure your heels are not more that 6 inches tall.
As for colors to wear based on Industry;
Black: Professionalism and Leadership
Grey: Logical and Analytical
Purple: Artistic and Insightful
Blue and Navy: Honest, Strong and Reliable
Green and Lemon Yellow: Innovative and Creative
Yellow: Cheerful and Fun
Red: Power, Confidence and Leadership

These colors convey a message for you depending on your industry; and with polarizing views on colors, it’s best to pick a color that is known to be safe for an interview.
With all these tips, you can get the perfect dress to your interview.

Damilola Adefule

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